Migration Exhibit

Lynda Todd, visually impaired artist standing in front of her "3d Mixed Media painting entitled, "Salmon"  Painting has multiple resign crafter salmon on a gallery canvas with textured background of water and waves.
Artist Lynda Todd proudly displays her mixed media painting entitled, “Salmon”.Thank you for the support of a grant from the Ontario Art Council to help make art accessible and inclusive.

Creating the Migration Project encouraging to Please Touch the art exhibit was a joy. I aimed to make art universally accessible, shift its perception, and promote embracement.

Each artwork features the name in braille and my signature on the right side.

All description cards use braille and large print.

Interested in purchasing?

Etransfer payment to [email protected]. Artworks can be taken home or shipped upon request.

Thanks for your art interest and support!

Creating inclusive art is a wonderful experience.

Tactile art entitled Seagull Freedom, Mixed Media, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 16, Cost is $395.00

Title: Triumph

Medium: Mixed Media, Resin

Cost: $200.00

Seagull Freedom

Mixed Media

24″ x 36″


Resin Tray encrusted with fire stone, blue, there is design of two hearts in the bottom of the tray.

Title:  Two Hearts

Medium: 10″ x 14″ moulded resin tray, food safe.  It is encrusted with firestone around the outer edge.  It developed two hearts in the middle of the tray as it cured.


A blue sculpted flower on bronze gallery canvas with a resin sculpted butterfly flying in for a landing ont he flower. Size is 6" x 6"

Title:       We Are One

Medium: Mixed Media, 6″ x 6″

Price:      $100.

A sculpted bloom on a silver textured background with a handcrafted resin butterfly landing int he upper right corner of the 6" x 6" gallery canvas

Title:   Monarch Floral Soiree

Medium: Mixed Media,

Gallery canvas

6″ x 6″

Price:     $100.

Gallery canvas, 24' x 24" multi textured with layers of different colours and then de-stressed

Title:       Braille Calligraphy

Medium: Mixed Media, 24″ x 24″

Price:      $425.

Gallery canvas, 24" x 36" thick paint dolloped colours of black, gold, white and deep blue. abstract painting. Cost is $625.00
This abstract acrylic is representative of the sun shining on the landscape. 16" x 24" gallery canvas. $300.00

Title:       Embrace of Textures

Medium: Mixed Media, 24″ x 36″

Price:      $625.

Title:  Golden Glistens

Medium:  acrylic on gallery canvas, 24″ x 36″

Cost:  $300.00

Title:        Listen to the Music

Medium:  Mixed Media, 10″ x 20″

Price:       $200.

Title:       Caribou Perilous Trek

Medium: Mixed Media, 40″ x 16″

Price:     $850.

White and purplish clouds across a blue skies with multiple hand painted monarchs flying across canvas disappearing into the distance. 24" x 36" gallery canvas, $625.00

Title:       Monarch Skies

Medium: Mixed Media

handprinted 3-D resin butterflies

24″ x 36″

Price:     $625.00

A sculpted golden feather on a black textured 24" x 24" gallery canvas, $350.00

Title:       Golden Feather

Medium: Mixed Media, 24″ x 24″

Price:      $350.

A resin hand painted monarch butterfly lands on flowers, canvas has a black background and has a triple rain coating bringing the shine of the colours outstanding. $200.00

Title:       Resilience

Medium: Mixed Media, 10″ x 8″

Price:     $200.

A lone crib on the treacherous mountains. multiple mountains into the background that the caribou must climb. Blue skies - gallery canvas, 20" x 20". the entire canvas is textured, $625.00

Title:       Caribou Survival

Medium: Mixed Media, 20″ x 20″

Price:     $625.

Textured waves on a gallery canvas with several resin salmon on it.

Title:       Salmon, Salmon, Salmon

Medium: Mixed Media, 48″ x 30″

Price:     $975.

All art pieces are available for sale.  Please call 705.760.4899 to make payment arrangements.  Pieces can be shipped. Etransfer to [email protected]
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